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An Authentic Zanzibar Holiday Experience

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Spend hours staring out at the water where the changing of the tides reveal 100 shades of blue. Whether in the restaurant, bar or any room in the hotel, visitors can experience the stunning beauty of these same sea views.

Discover an authentic Zanzibar experience, one that has the capacity to change you. You return with a new perspective with the things that really matter in life. Memories of the people and the place remain indelibly imprinted on your mind.

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Coral Rock Zanzibar Offers

An Authentic

Zanzibar Holiday Experience

From the time you arrive on the beach to the day you depart, your friendly hosts Samantar and Janette will make sure your stay at Coral Rock is truly comfortable, authentic, and memorable. Leave the world behind in our family run hotel and experience the exquisite tastes that Samantar has to offer, with a menu that changes regularly and using only the finest and fresh ingredients Zanzibar has to offer.

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great view

The waters of Jambiani and surrounding areas are totally safe. A natural sand bar, stretching over a kilometer out to sea creates a spectacular natural tidal swimming pool

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best rates

The islands offer a distinctive travel experience. A mere 3 ½ hours flight from Johannesburg, Zanzibar is ideal for those seeking an affordable island getaway.

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Zanzibar has a wealth of activities to satisfy a wide variety of tastes. From those in search of sunset cruises and pampering to the avid adventurer there is something for everyone

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Individual, Charming & Refined

Our Rooms Offer The Ultimate in Comfort &

Culture in Zanzibar.

Every room at Coral Rock offers an inspiring environment; the large windows and terraces let the sunlight in and provide spellbinding sea views.

all rooms & suites
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What Our Guests


Dont take it from us. This is what some of our guests say about their stay at Coral Rock Zanzibar.

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Coral Rock Zanzibar Offers Facilities & Services Designed

For Comfort & Pleasure

From exquisite dining experiences to relaxing afternoons by the pool and fun filled days on the beach Coral rock’s facilities will ensure guests make the most of their vacation.

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Reception 24/7

We operate a 24 hour reception; therefore you are free to enter and leave the hotel 24 hours.

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Restaurant & Bar with DSTV

Bar & restaurant with capacity of 175 people are open daily from 11:30 -22:30 with DSTV so you never miss that game.

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Lounge / mezzanine chill out

Come and relax with stunning views of the ocean.

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Free wireless internet access

No matter where you are staying in the hotel you will receive the strongest signal.

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Explore the beaches and enjoy the adventure in Zanzibar.

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Experience Zanzibar. Spectacular view from the swimming pool & reliable power.

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Wonderful views as well as creature comforts to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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Card facilities are available for your convenience.

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Hotel’s hot offer

Special Weekend Rates for People Living in Dar E’s & Discounted Rates for African Citizens.

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