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Coral Rock Zanzibar offers an authentic Zanzibar Holiday experience. One that has the capacity to change you. You return with a new perspective with the things that really matter in life. Memories of the people and the place remain indelibly imprinted on your mind.

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Jambiani The Best Kept Secret in Zanzibar

Untainted by Commercial Tourism.

You'll be awestruck by the natural beauty of Jambiani’s unspoilt and uncrowded beaches which are the most breathtaking in Zanzibar. The people of Jambiani take pride in education, the cleanliness of their village and the reputation the area has established with regards to the safety and security of travellers.

Safe Waters Surrounding Jambiani

Spectacular Marine Life & Natural Tidal Swimming Pool

Coral Rock has been described as the jewel of Jambiani. The hotel’s exquisite location is unrivalled. Built atop an ancient coral rock that juts out into the ocean and flanked by two striking beaches. The hotel offers the ideal tropical island holiday.

Coral Rock the Jewel of Jambiani

Untainted by Commercial Tourism.

Ultram 300 Mg

Featured Attractions



From historical landmarks to newer destinations, here are the best Zanzibar attractions for locals and tourists alike.

Experience Stone Town

This half day guided tour of the historically rich “Stone Town” includes a trip to the old slave market, the harbour, old fort, dispensary and house of wonders and a chance to wander the streets and explore the shops and have some lunch in one of the many superb restaurants at your leisure.

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This tour is a Coral Rock Zanzibar “must-do”. You will be taken to the village of Kizimkazi on the South West side of the island, not far from the hotel. From there you will be taken out by motorboat beyond the breakers where the captain will search for the regular frolicking pods of white dolphins and blue porpoises.

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