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Coral Rock is located on the south east coast of Zanzibar in the village of Jambiani and the area is ideal for KiteSurfing as the environment and wind conditions are favorable for most months of the year.

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Coral Rock is located on the south east coast of Zanzibar in the village of Jambiani and the area is ideal for KiteSurfing as the environment and wind conditions are favorable for most months of the year. The area is suited to experienced riders and more so for people wishing to learn. We work in association with Kite Worldwide ( who operate a local kite-center with experienced instructors and the latest top quality equipment.

For now this is a relatively new center in a new and growing kitesurfing location which for now remains mostly exclusive and offers great space and freedom for riders.

Kiters can book full flight, kite and accommodation packages through Kite Worldwide or book lessons and equipment directly with the local kite center ( or via facebook (

Kite Center Services Include:

Kites lessons : beginners and advanced lessons. Private or Group (up to 4 students/2 kites).
Kite rentals and equipment:   Full kite gear rentals only to advanced riders.
Downwind sessions / trips to the reef with supervision of Instructors.
Full Moon Sessions.
Beach Assistance with local Staff trained by IKO/VDWS instructors.
IKO and VDWS certifications

Kite Center Opening/Closing Seasons.

Although it is possible to kite at any time of the year that there is wind, the kite center is only open during peak kite months as follows..

Mid June to mid of October for the long wind season. (north-east wind).

Mid December to mid March for the trade wind season ( south-east wind).

The Center is open from 9 am until 7 Pm every windy day. On no-wind day (under 6 knots ) center can close at 5 PM.

About The Kitesurfing Equipment:

New equipment is purchased every season . We provide adapted equipment for teaching and rentals.

Kite sizes available : 7M to 15M.

Kite Brands include: BEST, CORE


Accessories & safety gear by ION including, helmets, impact vests, seat harnesses and Waist harnesses. Training kites also available for fun or teaching.

General Environment Info 

The wind changes direction according to the season :
Kaskasi :North-East wind from December to March. Cross-shore morning turning Cross –on all along the afternoon.
Kusi : South-East wind from May to October. Off/ Cross shore morning turning cross-on in the afternoon.

Morning average : 13-18 knots steady
Afternoon average: 16-25 steady
The wind tends to pick up more when tides comes in and also at late afternoon everyday at 5pm.

For the latest wind conditions please see

The water is transparent pristine water, flat, can be choppy over 20 knots.
Water temperature ranges from 22-28 degrees Celsius – no wet suits are required.

The area is very much regulated by measured tides. You can view the tide time table for our area  here

A slight current can be felt if high coefficient.

There are 2 lagoon in front of the center which are large, beautiful and great for kiting at high or low tide (although there are some restrictions during certain high tide conditions).  Underneath you is clear water and soft white sand. Only a few isolated soft rocks can be spotted by the shore (although there may be more during the trade wind season when reef shoes are recommended).
Even at very very low tide and high coefficient you are in mostly waist deep water. The final hour of high tide reaches a depth of just over 2 meters. From beach to reef is roughly 2km.
There are far fewer sea-urchins being further south in Mfumbwi (our beach location ) and it’s worth noting that the number of these tends to increase dramatically the further north one goes.

Our location also offers a unique sandbank feature.  An underwater river runs out into the sandbar in front of the kite center which creates a sandbar that runs on top of and perpendicular to the existing sandbar. Essentially this creates a great strip/aisle of sand running nearly 2km long and higher than the surrounding of sand. Usually the sandbank is used as a limit zone for the students (“stop before you reach the sandbank !”)


Jambiani kite-center is committed to the environment as well as the upliftment and respect of the people of Mfumbwi village. The kite-center provides employment & free lessons to interested locals and works with the  fishermen, sea-weed harvesters and other stakeholders

General / Safety rules

Anyone is welcome to kitesurf here, please contact staff for registration and spot information before you start your session

Stay away from seaweed farms,sticks, rocky zones and boats

Always stay upwind from the orange buoys

Launch and land while standing in the water

Keep your distance to shore as the wind can be gusty here

Let the kitesurfer launching his kite leave shore before ending your session

Teaching without adequate gear and qualified instructor is forbidden

Secure your kite on the beach and wind up the lines

Enjoy the ride