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Ultram Online Order, Ultram Dosage 37.5

This half day guided tour of the historically rich “Stone Town” includes a trip to the old slave market, the harbour, old fort, dispensary and house of wonders and a chance to wander the streets and explore the shops and have some lunch in one of the many superb restaurants at your leisure.

Stone Town is a world heritage site. You can choose to stay until 4pm or stay until 9pm and enjoy the seafood market at the waterfront where you can choose your own lobster, fish and other seafood and have it barbequed for you at unbelievably low prices.

Visit the Spice Plantations

Take a trip with Coral Rock Zanzibar on this half day tour to the Spice Plantations in the middle of the islands is a must. Your guide will walk you through the amazing plants, herbs and spices found on the island and fill you in on amazing facts and anecdotes. This will be followed by a wonderful local lunch. After lunch you will stop by the Persian Bath Ruinson your way back.

You can combine your trip to the Spice Plantations, Stone Town and the Persian Baths into a one day excursion and save on transport costs.

Coral Rock Zanzibar Tour Prices include the following:

  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Entrance Fees
  • Transfers (Jambiani – Stone Town – Jambaini)

Ultram 50 Mg Cost