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Ultram 40 Mg - Ultram Online Prescription

Take a trip with Coral Rock Zanzibar into the environmentally protected Jozani Forest where you will encounter the Red Colobus Monkey unique to Zanzibar. You may also be lucky enough to see the rare Zanzibar Leopard as well as a selection of small deer.

Walk into the forest canopy area on wooden ramps and explore the mangrove area with its birds and other exotic wildlife.

Chwaka Bay, Mangroves & Lagoon

Travel with Coral Rock Zanzibar to Michamvi on the shores of Chwaka Bay where you will receive a welcoming coconut drink while you relax and explore the incredibly beautiful and isolated beaches of the bay whilst you await the captain and his dhow. From there you will take a dhow ride into the mangroves and the local fishing village.

You will sail back to bay beach and receive a light meal before heading off to the lagoon just north of the village of Bwejuu which offers some of the most incredible marine life; a paradise for those that love to snorkel amongst magnificent coral reefs

Nungwi, Boatyards & Natural Aquarium

Coral Rock Zanzibar offers a full day trip that takes you right to the northern tip of the island where you will get to see the boat building yards that have been in operation for centuries. Here you can also experience the natural aquariums of Nungwe where the turtles feed directly from your hand. Then take your pick of one of the many great restaurants in the area for lunch

Coral Rock Zanzibar Tour Prices include the following:

  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Entrance Fees
  • Transfers (Jambiani – Tour – Jambiani)
  • Dhow Ride (where applicable)

Ultram 50 Mg Cost