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Jambiani Umfumbwe Jambiani 4125 Tanzania


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    If you are looking for a typical 4 or 5 star style resort then Coral Rock Zanzibar is not for you. We are located on the South East coast of Zanzibar IN the traditional fishing village of Jambiani.

    Trade Wind Conditions

    Please note that the beach environment is highly dynamic at Coral Rock Zanzibar. The tidal conditions fluctuate dramatically every day with two high and two low tides. During the trade wind months Mid Dec to late March, sand levels around the hotel base rock drop and some underlying coral rock is exposed. Reef shoes are advised during this period.

    Religion & Culture

    Although Zanzibar is a predominantly Muslim island, the people are moderate and easy going. They locals are very laid back and not inclined to rush for anything. As long as visitors have some basic respect for the Muslim laws and customs, there will be no problem

    Health, Safety & Security

    Vistors to Zanzibar require a yellow-fever vacination before entering. You are advised to get this shot at least 10 days before you travel. Zanzibar is safe as the predominantly Muslim community does not take well to theft or other crimes and criminals are dealt with severely. The hotel employs 3 full time security guards. For your peace of mind, We do offer safe facilities on the premises for valuables


    Jambiani can be cooler than Stone Town on the west coast by as much as 8 degrees and during “rainy season” (March, April, May) we may be subject to highly infrequent morning showers lasting for several minutes wheras the west coast may be subject to heavy rains lasting several days over the same period. Consequently , there is no rainy season in our location and we are open all year as a result, as the weather is ideal for holiday makers almost every day of the year.